Tuesday, September 7, 2010

How I Speed Learned Piano + Franz Liszt's La Campanella, & You Can Do the Same or Better -

Have you ever listened and watched an extremely inspiring performance that you were so touched by it, then came with a strong desire of Really Wanting to Do the Same? Well, I guess you can tell I am that kind of hot blood animal who immediately feel very excited in thinking of starting to play or speed learn that song in piano right away. That actually happended while I was hearing Yundi Li played the La Campanella, composed by Franz Liszt in few yrs ago. I was a college student majoring in architecture & urban design who actually have no music or music instrumental background for me to have any advantage in learning to play an extraodinary piece of piano music.

However, because of my strong desire to play that song, I decided to take a basic piano class in my following college semester, and quickly I were able to perform some basic movements on piano with both hands, and I was also being able to play with rhythm and a longer little song after few months. But anyway, the songs that were chosen by my professor for me to play weren't sound great that would motivate me to play, and I also was being so busy with my other projects + part time job, which I could imagine if I have followed this tradition learning path, which is still out there now for 99% of the piano teaching programs, it will take me more than 10 years just to get a chance to start learning something CLOSE to the level of song that I want to play, and more over, I probably would have more frustration that leads me to do worst in most of the important things that I was involved...

Very lucky, I have found a cool way to skip a HUGE energy effort and TIME, almost like a Magic Bullet that allows me to start speed learn and play the LA CAMPANELLA song, that is just simply to play that song right away with a music notation softwares called Midiillustrator! (This is just my personal honest feedback, and I'm not selling anything here.)

After about 11 months later, I feel amazed that I was able to complete 2/3 of the song with an awesome ending, and I was quite satisfied with my overall performance accomblished just in that short period of time, while I was also being kept busy with my passionate architectural design project simultaneously (Watch the Video to see my result which was SURPRISING even to myself, which had made me feel kind of like a Superman back then). My professor and classmates' eyes were big & mouths were opened when I perform that song!!

Why I am sharing this story here, because I want to see if you are going to interest in watching me demonstrate the techniques and process of how one can speed learn even much more effectively (Even Much Better Than What I Have Been Done For Practicing This Song) with any level of piano music. If so, LEAVE ME YOUR COMMENT, or QUESTIONS BELOW THE VIDEO, and you can also let me know if you have experience in piano, what type of piano music that youre into (it absolutely can be any piano music other than La Campanella), so I can match your learning type and level when I create my next or future series of videos.

For now, I hope my little behind the scenes of how I speed-learn the La Campanella song can be an inspirational story to you for achieving something that you really like to learn, yet you have no related experience to reach that new goal! And what I have learned from this process is that you can create or discover a non-traditional approach that allows you to reach a breakthrough result, which ultimately can become your very memoriable or proud experience!

your friend,

Explore Your Passion; Be Fulfilled & Make Breakthroughs in Action!

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  1. Hi Gabriel,

    I am inspired by your video and experience! I bought the MidiIllustrator software after trying it. But I don't have much of quality song files to play. I think that in order to get best pratice result, the file should have fingering to learn. Do you have some nice song files especially the La Campanella? Is it possible that you can share with me? Thank you!